Blush Baby Studio Nails Aftercare

Your nails are not tools! With gel polish, builder gel or acrylic on your nails they will feel much stronger than usual and you may be tempted to use them to open boxes, cans, or to tap on things. Using your nails to open anything can add stress to your nails causing them to chip and snap. If you frequently tap your nails, small vibrations are sent up your nails which can cause them to crack and lift away from your natural nail. 

A good quality cuticle oil will be your best friend but only if you use it at least twice a day. I recommend keeping one in the bathroom next to your toothbrush or skincare to incorporate using the cuticle oil into your morning and evening routine and one in your workplace, car or handbag. That way you will never have an excuse not to use it! Cuticle oil helps to keep your natural nails healthy and strong and will actually help the gel polish, builder gel or acrylic that you have had applied to last longer. 

I highly recommend the use of gloves when doing the dishes, using any cleaning products or doing an activity such as gardening. Cleaning chemicals are your nails enemy and will cause whatever product you have applied to them to break down much faster. Doing an activity such as gardening without gloves means you will need to thoroughly wash and scrub your nails afterwards which can compromise the quality of your manicure.

Hair colour, purple shampoo, fake tan, coloured foods and other chemicals such as insect repellent and chlorine can cause staining to gel polish. Try to wear gloves when handling these products or applying hair colour or purple shampoo. Matte topcoats are more pores than glossy top coats and are more likely to stain so keep this in mind when you have matte nails. If your nails do get marked or stained, giving them a quick clean with acetone will help to remove this without compromising the quality of the gel or acrylic.

NEVER pick or pull your nails off or allow anyone to do this. Picking, pulling or popping your nails off causes damage to your natural nail and is usually the reason why people say that gel or acrylic damages your nails. It's never the product causing the damage, it's the person applying and removing the product who is causing the damage. If you do pick, pull or pop the nails off then you will leave white lines and tears on your nails which will be obvious to any trained nail technician. 

If you have any other questions about how best to look after your nails then please feel free to fill out the contact form.