Luxury Press On Nails Information

How much are they?

Each set of custom Blush Baby Luxury Press On Nails are specifically made to your request and includes 10 - 20 hand painted press on nails and an application and removal kit.

A 10 nail set includes up to 10 nails of hand painted nail art in the design and style of your choosing for short to long lengths for $95. The XL sets are $115 and the XXL sets are $135.

A 20 nail set includes up to 10 nails of nail art as above and includes another 10 nails for short to long lengths painted in a complimentary colour/s to match for $135. The XL sets are $155 and the XXL sets are $175.

You will need to purchase a sizing kit which is $10 and comes with 10 nails, one of each size in the nail shape of your choice, so that you can choose the perfect fit. If the sizing kit is returned then you will receive a $10 credit to your account.

How do I know the nails will fit me?

All Blush Baby Luxury Press On Nail sets require you to purchase a sizing kit. This comes with one of each size of the nail shape of your choice which you will use to size your own nails yourself. This is a one-off purchase and is only required to be purchased once per shape. I will then store your sizing information in your account for any future purchases.

What is included in each kit?

20 Hand Painted Press On Nails
2 Alcohol Wipes
Reusable Cuticle Pusher
24 Nail Adhesive Tabs
Nail Glue
Mini Nail File
Mini Nail Buffer
Cuticle Oil
Application & Removal Guides

Can I buy additional application and removal kits?

Yes! Our application and removal kits include everything you received with your original kit, just without the luxury press on nails.

How long will my nails last and can I reuse them?

With proper prep and application your luxury press on nails should last up to 2 weeks using the nail glue and 1-2 days using the adhesive tabs. If you look after your press on nails, are not rough with them and follow the removal guide included correctly you absolutely will be able to reuse them.

Will the press on nails damage my natural nails?

As long as you follow the application and removal guides correctly and are not rough with your press on nails when they are applied then they will not cause any damage to your natural nails. If you peel or pry the press on nails from your natural nails then you may cause damage to your nail plate.

What if I have other questions?

Feel free to fill out the contact form and I will be in touch within 24hrs.