Luxury Press On Nails Removal Guide

  • Apply the provided cuticle oil onto the press on nail wherever it comes into contact with your skin and natural nail.
  • Soak your nails in a bowl of warm, soapy water. Allow around 5 minutes for the adhesive tabs and 15 minutes for the nail glue.
  • Dry your nails and gently use your cuticle pusher to loosen the press on nail from your natural nail. Do not use any force as this could damage your nail plate.
  • Repeat the process of cuticle oil, soak and loosen until the press on nails are easily removed.
  • Use the buffer provided to buff any excess product from your natural nails.
  • Lightly use the file and buffer around the edges of your press on nails to remove any glue so they can be used again.

With proper care and patience when removing your set of press on nails, they can be used several times.

Additional application and removal kits are available for purchase here.