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Blush Baby Studio Services


Please refer to our cancellation policy here.

Repairs & Refunds

If your nails chip, crack or break within the first 7 days we will repair this for free provided you have followed the aftercare instructions correctly and have not caused deliberate damage to your nails. If you do have any issues please send me a message on Instagram or Facebook with an image of what is needing to be repaired within 24hrs of the problem arising in the 7 day period. If you contact Blush Baby after the first 7 days then repairs may need to be paid for.

If you are dissatisfied with the service or quality of work that you have received please make contact with Blush Baby within 24hrs providing images and detailing what the issue is. Blush Baby does not offer reapplications due to change of mind or if the required images and information have not been provided within 24hrs of the issue arising. 

Please contact us for any repairs or refunds.

Blush Baby Luxury Press On Nails

Repairs, Replacements & Refunds

Once your set of Luxury Press On Nails have commenced being made then no refund will be provided due to change of mind. Refunds or replacement items will only be provided if the nails were damaged during shipment. Once delivered we require proof of damage with a description and images within 48hrs. 

Refunds or replacements will not be provided due to change of mind. If a custom set of nails have been ordered, then it is up to the customer to provide a detailed summary of what they are requiring. Once the final design including colours has been signed off by the customer, payment has been made and the set of press on nails have commenced being created then no additional changes are able to be made.

If the press on nails you ordered arrive and you believe them to be not as described, please send images and a detailed description of what is not satisfactory. We will endeavour to repair or replace the nails required once we have received the originals back. No repairs, replacements or refunds will be actioned until the original products has been received by Blush Baby. Return shipping is to be paid by the customer.

Please contact us for any repairs, replacements or refunds.